Summer Temperature Settings


As temperatures rise this summer, remember to adjust your thermostat accordingly. Increasing the temperature in your office conserves energy as well as saves Yale money.  Below are Yale’s summer temperature guidelines:

Classrooom: Occupied  73-78o F; Unoccupied  HVAC Off (Temp. Uncontrolled)

Offices: Occupied  73-78o F; Unoccupied  HVAC Off (Temp. Uncontrolled)

Laboratory: Occupied  73-78o F; Unoccupied  78-80o F Night Setback

Library: Occupied  73-78o F; Unoccupied  78-80o F Night Setback

If you are not in control of your thermostat and your building is over air-conditioned, contact the University’s Energy Manager Tom Downing at


Six American beliefs about global warming

Researchers at Yale and George Mason University released a report entitled “Global Warming’s Six Americas.”  The report states that American beliefs about global warming fall under six major categories: Alarmed (18%), Concerned (33%), Cautious (19%), Disengaged (12%), Doubtful (11%), and Dismissive (7%). For more information about the research, click here.

Six Ways to Save Energy


Saving energy is a major money-saver, too. Below are six easy and inexpensive tips for reducing energy consumption.

1) Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs).

2) Reconfigure rooms so that electronic items (such as TVs and DVDs plugged into a power strip) can easily be turned off when not in use.

3) Turn off your computer when not in use.

4) Decrease the temperature on your thermostat in the winter and increase it in the summer.

5) Shut windows in the winter and overnight to reduce heating load.

6) Purchase Energy-Star certified equipment.

Yale Environment 360 e-zine

environment 360

If you haven’t already been reading “Yale Environment 360,” Yale’s environmental e-zine about global environmental issues, you should check it out.  The e-zine received two awards this month, the Yale Daily News reports. awarded e360 “Best New Science Site,” and the e-zine was named an Official Honoree in the Webby Awards “Best Science Site” and “Best Site for Copy/Writing” categories.  Check out the YDN’s article about the e-zine and the awards here, or visit the site itself at

“Building a Bright Green Future that Works”

“Building a Bright Green Future that Works”

Sponsored by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Office of Strategic Initiatives and the Yale Office of Sustainability

On Friday May 8, Alex Steffen, the Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Worldchanging, will present a talk entitled “Building a Bright Green Future that Works” from 1:30-3:00 pm at Burke Auditorium in Kroon Hall (195 Prospect Street).

Below is more information as it appears on the event’s poster:

Imagine a prosperous zero-carbon, zero-waste, non-toxic, pleasantly urban and yet leafy green community. That’s where you’ll be living in 20 years, if we do our work right. Steffen talks about Worldchanging’s forthcoming breakthrough book, Bright Green, and shows how the tools to transform our cities and suburbs into sustainably prosperous communities are already emerging, and why that transformation will leave us all better off.

Join Alex as he takes us on a tour of the sort of bold answers and innovative solutations that are redefining what’s possible in America… and what’s hopeful for the billions of people struggling for prosperity in the developing world.

Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

Show your love for your mother and Mother Earth with these eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gifts:


1)    Organic Flowers: Send a traditional Mother’s Day bouquet made with organic and eco-certified flowers.  Ask your local florist for organic options, or shop online at places like Organic Bouquet.

aq0tf2)    Charitable Donation: Make a donation in your mother’s name to an environmental NGO or a charity such as “Save the Children”.


3)    Origins Gift Set: Pamper Mom with Origins lotion, body scrub, or a gift set. Origins products are made with plants, organic ingredients, and 100% natural essential oils. Origins is committed to environmental practices and uses renewable resources, wind energy and recycled materials as much as possible.  Before May 5th, enter “FF” at checkout and receive 25% off.

4)   Eco-friendly Jewelry: Give your mother eco-friendly jewelry from the online boutique Jaszy’s Jewelry, which uses Fair Trade and recycled resources and donates a portion of its proceeds to environmental organizations.

5)    Adopt-an-Animal: For $25, your kids can “adopt” one of 90 animals in honor of Mom. Proceeds support WWF’s conservation activities around the world. For more information, check out WWF’s Gift Center.

flb1d-2t16)    Envirosax: Give your mom Envirosax and make it even easier for her to live green. These stylish, extremely compactable shopping bags can fit into even the tiniest of purses, and are super convenient for last-minute shopping trips. From April 24 – May 5, purchase any pouch (set of 5 bags) and receive a Retro Kitchen pouch ($28.50 value) free.

ch-45217)    La Chamba Cookware: Support fair-trade practices and give your mother high-quality, all-natural clay cookware handmade in Colombia.  To locate a retailer near you, email La Vida Verde Inc.

8)   Paddywax Candles: Introduce your candle-loving mother to Paddywax’s Eco Collection. These high-quality soy candles are packaged using soy-based inks, hemp twine, and FSC-certified recycled paper.

Environment and Sustainability at Yale video

Check out the new video released by the Yale Office of Public Affairs, “Environment and Sustainability at Yale,” featured on Yale’s home page (!