Green Tip of the Week


8 Green Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. This Valentine’s Day, show love to both your loved one and your planet.

Here are some green versions of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts:

  1. Much like coffee farmers, cocoa farmers often work in very poor labor conditions. Purchase chocolates that are fair-trade and certified organic.
  2. Most flowers are grown using large amounts of harmful pesticides. Purchase flowers that are organic and free from toxicity.
  3. Burning paraffin candles releases carcinogens and toxins. Purchase soy candles for a cleaner and healthier alternative.
  4. Purchase wine with pesticide-free organically-grown grapes.

You don’t need to purchase something to give a Valentine’s Day gift. The following gift ideas require no shipping, waste, or inputs to the environment:

  1. Plan a special afternoon or night with your loved one – take them on a picnic, go see a play, or visit a museum.
  2. Make your loved one homemade baked goods or a special organic meal.
  3. Give a charitable donation in their honor or spend the afternoon volunteering together.
  4. Give them a book of coupons for kind deeds in the month of March – offer to run their errands, cook them dinner, etc.

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