Reduce Paper Cup Use In Your Office


As you may recall from December’s meeting, the Psychology department hosted a mug contest to encourage people to bring mugs from home. Everyone brought a mug unique to their personality and employees guessed who owned each mug. The mugs are now kept in the office and used instead of paper cups.

If your co-workers consistently use paper cups for coffee, this contest is a great way to encourage mug use. After the contest, share this fact with them: According to, 16 billion paper cups are used for coffee each year in the United States – the equivalent of approximately 6.5 million trees.

If this appeal doesn’t convince your co-workers that using mugs is important, think about it this way: using mugs from home is much more cost-effective than purchasing paper cups. Using mugs for coffee is a great way to reduce your office’s spending while making a positive impact on the environment.

If you can get people on board with this idea, try locking paper cups in a cabinet only accessible by one person. If visitors come, you can still offer them coffee in a paper cup; however, your co-workers will be forced to use only their mug for coffee.


One response to “Reduce Paper Cup Use In Your Office

  1. Great post. I think it is important that this sort of casual paper cup use is discouraged. Paper cups are intended as a conveniance, for use at festivals and the like. It is far more environmentally sound to use mugs when available and do our bit to A) look after the planet, and B) save a bit of money!

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