Leave your car at home!


Want to take the train or carpool to work, but worried about not being able to run errands during your lunch break?  Here are four ways to get around campus:

1) Walk or bike! Getting around campus on foot or bike is easier and faster than one might think.  It only takes about fifteen minutes to walk one mile outside of central campus to bike three miles outside of central campus.

2) Ride the Yale shuttle. To get to locations around campus, East Rock, or the train station, use the Yale shuttle.  For information about daytime routes, visit http://www.yale.edu/transportationoptions/shuttle/dayshuttle.html.

3) Use a departmental bike.   Several departments offer bikes, helmets, and U-locks for errands.  If your department is interested in participating in this program, contact Erin Sturgis-Pascale at 432-3266.

4) Rent a Zipcar. Use a Zipcar for only $8.50/ hour (which includes gas and insurance).  There are 14 Zipcars located at 7 different locations around the Yale campus.


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