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Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

Show your love for your mother and Mother Earth with these eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gifts:


1)    Organic Flowers: Send a traditional Mother’s Day bouquet made with organic and eco-certified flowers.  Ask your local florist for organic options, or shop online at places like Organic Bouquet.

aq0tf2)    Charitable Donation: Make a donation in your mother’s name to an environmental NGO or a charity such as “Save the Children”.


3)    Origins Gift Set: Pamper Mom with Origins lotion, body scrub, or a gift set. Origins products are made with plants, organic ingredients, and 100% natural essential oils. Origins is committed to environmental practices and uses renewable resources, wind energy and recycled materials as much as possible.  Before May 5th, enter “FF” at checkout and receive 25% off.

4)   Eco-friendly Jewelry: Give your mother eco-friendly jewelry from the online boutique Jaszy’s Jewelry, which uses Fair Trade and recycled resources and donates a portion of its proceeds to environmental organizations.

5)    Adopt-an-Animal: For $25, your kids can “adopt” one of 90 animals in honor of Mom. Proceeds support WWF’s conservation activities around the world. For more information, check out WWF’s Gift Center.

flb1d-2t16)    Envirosax: Give your mom Envirosax and make it even easier for her to live green. These stylish, extremely compactable shopping bags can fit into even the tiniest of purses, and are super convenient for last-minute shopping trips. From April 24 – May 5, purchase any pouch (set of 5 bags) and receive a Retro Kitchen pouch ($28.50 value) free.

ch-45217)    La Chamba Cookware: Support fair-trade practices and give your mother high-quality, all-natural clay cookware handmade in Colombia.  To locate a retailer near you, email La Vida Verde Inc.

8)   Paddywax Candles: Introduce your candle-loving mother to Paddywax’s Eco Collection. These high-quality soy candles are packaged using soy-based inks, hemp twine, and FSC-certified recycled paper.


Green Tip of the Week: Composting


If you have a backyard, consider building a compost heap for your food waste.

To build a compost pile…

1) Put leaves and grass trimmings in a bin or pile.

2) Dampen the pile with a little bit of water.

3) Turn the pile once per month.

4) Add food waste (vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds, etc.) daily and bury them in the pile.  Continue to add water so the pile stays damp.

5) In 12 months, the bottom of the pile will turn into rich compost.

Green Tip of the Week: Consider Green Energy


If possible, consider switching to an electric utility that operates from “green power” — energy generated from renewable sources such as solar, wind, or hydropower.   In Connecticut, United Illuminating Co. and Connecticut Light and Power Co. both offer customers the option to get their electricity from these renewable power sources.  Ask your utility provider if green power is available.

Green Tip of the Week: Eco-Friendly Shopping


Eco-Friendly Shopping: Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are not only a great place to save money, but also offer benefits to the environment.  Let our current economic downturn motivate you to reduce, reuse, and recycle by shopping at thrift stores.

  • Reduce – Purchasing a used item rather than a new one reduces the amount of new inputs to the environment. It also keeps all of those items in the thrift store – clothes, books, toys, and furniture – out of landfills.
  • Reuse – Most items at thrift stores are in good condition and can be re-used. Children’s clothing and toys are especially good examples of this – most children only wear their clothes for a limited amount of time before they are outgrown. In addition, some stores such as Plato’s Closet specialize in gently-used high-end clothing.
  • Recycle – Thrift-store items can be recycled! Thrift-store goods can be made into home furnishings (pillow covers, curtains, etc.), children’s dress-up outfits, Halloween costumes, and outdoor work clothes.

Thrift stores near New Haven
1.    Salvation Army, 274 Crown St., New Haven, (203) 776-2448
2.    Salvation Army, 1359 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, (203) 230-2323
3.    St. Raphael Auxiliary Thrift, 1386 Chapel St., New Haven, (203) 789-3312
4.    Goodwill, 61 Amity Rd., New Haven, (203) 397-2735
5.    Goodwill, 2369 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, (203) 230-2910
6.    ABC Consignment, 577 Campbell Ave., West Haven, (203) 934-8770

Green Tip of the Week


8 Green Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. This Valentine’s Day, show love to both your loved one and your planet.

Here are some green versions of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts:

  1. Much like coffee farmers, cocoa farmers often work in very poor labor conditions. Purchase chocolates that are fair-trade and certified organic.
  2. Most flowers are grown using large amounts of harmful pesticides. Purchase flowers that are organic and free from toxicity.
  3. Burning paraffin candles releases carcinogens and toxins. Purchase soy candles for a cleaner and healthier alternative.
  4. Purchase wine with pesticide-free organically-grown grapes.

You don’t need to purchase something to give a Valentine’s Day gift. The following gift ideas require no shipping, waste, or inputs to the environment:

  1. Plan a special afternoon or night with your loved one – take them on a picnic, go see a play, or visit a museum.
  2. Make your loved one homemade baked goods or a special organic meal.
  3. Give a charitable donation in their honor or spend the afternoon volunteering together.
  4. Give them a book of coupons for kind deeds in the month of March – offer to run their errands, cook them dinner, etc.

Green Tip of the Week


Optimize your computer’s energy-savings by setting it to automatically hibernate after several minutes of inactivity.  While you’re at it, change the screen saver on your computer to a blank screen, which greatly reduces energy use.

Green Tip of the Week + Great Website


Green Tip of the Week + Great Website

Purchase reusable shopping bags and bring them with you everytime you shop.  If you are purchasing only a few items, stick them in your purse or briefcase rather than asking for a new plastic bag.

The Daily Green has daily environmental tips such as this ( and many others – check out!